The Gravel Race Specialized is one of a kind hybrid race which winds along the Granfondo Sestriere route with the ascent to Colle delle Finestre, gravel road for the last 7.8 km, to then continue on gravel road on the Assietta road and touching peaks at over 2,500m.

It is a new proposal to complete the offer of the gravel world, an experience that brings together the road bicycle and the gravel without distorting the off road that belongs to the latter world; all in the splendid setting of the high mountains on the watershed between the Susa valley and Chisone.

This new formula is possible thanks to a magnificent territory, with its imposing military fortifications at high altitudes that have left us a legacy of the connecting roads: among these the Strada dell'Assietta that the bikers of the Gravel Race Specialized will ride until the finish of Sestriere

The Gravel Race Specialized includes the start and the first part of the route together with the Granfondo Sestriere, to then continue on the Assietta gravel road after Colle delle Finestre.

Participation in the Gravel Race Specialized is permitted with bicycles with a 27.5 or 28 inch wheels.

The participation of mountain bikes, e-bikes and pedal assisted bicycles is not allowed. Handlebars may be of any shape, but no barends or extensions are permitted (triathlon handlebars and any other handlebar extension systems are prohibited).

The route includes the departure from Sestriere Borgata together with the Granfondo Sestriere Colle delle Finestre to go up to Sestriere and then descend to Cesana. The race continue in the direction of Oulx, then Salbertrand, Exilles, Chiomonte, Gravere and Susa. From here begins the ascent to Colle delle Finestre through Meana di Susa. Arrived at Colle, after covering the last 7.8 km of dirt road, you descend until near Pian dell'Alpe where the paths split: the Gravel Race Specialized continues on the Strada dell'Assietta, a gravel road in excellent condition which it allows you to admire the splendid panorama towards the valley floor arriving at the Assietta hill (mt. 2472). The panorama is austere, to say the least superb, and after a short stretch of hard climb you reach the head of the Assietta at an altitude of 2567 m. From here begins the very fast descent that takes us to Col Lauson (2497 m) and then Col Blegier (2381 m) followed by the short climb that leads to Monte Genevris (2533 m), then the descent to Costa Piana , than Col Bourget (2299 m) and, at the end of the Assietta road, you reach Col Basset (2424 m), the last peak of the route before the descent in Sestriere. The Gravel Race Specialized track rejoins that of the Granfondo Sestriere Colle delle Finestre in the last kilometer of the race in the town of Sestriere.

The route measures 107 km with D+ 3,074 m.

Feed zones:
Meana di Susa, Colle delle Finestre, Testa dell’Assietta, Sestriere (arrival) 
Time gate: participants who will transit to Pian dell'Alpe after 12:00 am will be redirect to the Mediofondo route.


The Specialized Gravel Race is a competition for everyone, dedicated to the gravel world and the free spirit of off road in a unique high mountain landscape.



The battle of Assietta was fought on 19 July 1747 between the French army of Louis XV and the Savoyard army of Carlo Emanuele III to take over the crest of the Assietta and the Colle delle Finestre, essential peaks for laying siege to the military fortifications still present today on the Olympic mountains.

Despite the important difference in forces in the field (32 French battalions, against 13 Sabaudis) the Piedmontese army won the battle, of which we remember the famous phrase of the Count of San Sebastiano who heroically resisted the cry of "bogia nen" (don't move, don't run away) initially attributed to the Savoy soldiers and then to the entire Piedmontese people.


Don't miss the opportunity to participate in one of the most beautiful Gravels in Italy. The spectacle of the Turin 2006 Olympic valleys and the great emotions of the high mountain off-road await you!

Registrations are open from November 6th 2022 on the web portal

On Sundays there are no longer guaranteed the assortment of the sizes of the celebrative jersey, gadget of the event.

The participation fee includes the personalized bib, the celebrative jersey, technical assistance, assistance on the route, feed zone, broom service, pasta party on arrival, and is non-refundable under any circumstances, including failure to attend the event for any reason.


The event is open to all athletes having licence of ACSI, FCI (Italian Cycling Federation) or sports promotion organization, both together having medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling, and also foreign cyclists having valid licence of U.C.I.

The event is by invitation and the Organizing Committee may at any time and at its sole discretion decide whether to accept or refuse the registration or exclude a member from the event in case it may damage the image of the same.

According to the new Federal legislation, all participants must hold a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports; therefore, the participation of cycling amateurs for is not permitted

The Gravel Race Specialized is a cyclo-sports event, therefore the mandatory respect and observance of the rules of the road is in force. The route is signposted, but participants must always follow the gpx track. The organization does not ensure the supervision and security on the road. Unless otherwise specified, the regulations envisaged for the Granfondo Sestriere Colle delle Finestre apply.

CATEGORIES the following categories apply in Gravel Race Specialized:

  • - Man 19/65 years old
  • - Woman 19/65 years old