If you want to live new experiences riding on high mountain dirt roads, savor freedom on two wheels and live adventure ... the GRAVEL EXPERIENCE is what you were looking for.

The program of the cycling tour is the best you can ask for those who love gravel bikes: a unique track, all in dirt from Sestriere to Col Basset, then on the Assietta road at over 2,000 meters of altitude continuing to Col Bourget, Colle di Costa Piana, mount Genevris, Col Blegier, Colle Lauson, continuing to ride in the Gran Bosco of Salbertrand Natural Park to the Testa dell'Assietta where a large stone obelisk stands surmounted by a bronze eagle (symbol of the Italian Alpine Club) in memory of the historic battle of Assietta (


The battle of Assietta was fought on 19 July 1747 between the French army of Louis XV and the Savoy army of Carlo Emanuele III to take over the ridge of Assietta and the Colle delle Finestre, fundamental peaks to lay siege to military fortifications still present in the Olympic mountains.

Despite the important difference of forces on the field (32 French battalions, against the 13 Savoy) the Piedmontese army won the battle, of which we remember the famous phrase of the Count of San Sebastiano who heroically resisted the cry of "bogia nen" ( do not move, do not run away) initially attributed to the Savoy soldiers and then to the entire Piedmontese people.

A pleasant surprise arriving at the Testa dell'Assietta: the participants will be welcomed by the historic figures acting the re-enactment of the Battle of Assietta, curated by the ASSOCIASSION FESTA DËL PIEMONT AT CÒL ËD ASSIETA. Sports, history and emotions in the high mountains await the participants of the Gravel Experience

Discover the Association and the Festa del Piemonte with the historical re-enactment of the battle of Assietta

The route of the excursion starts from Fraiteve plaza at Sestriere to go up to Col Basset and then continue on the Assietta road riding through the Gran Bosco of Salbertrand natural park. After passing the Col Bourget, the Colle di Costa Piana, Monte Genevris, Col Blegier and Colle Lauson you arrive at the Testa dell'Assietta, in the shadow of the obelisk that supports the Assietta eagle.

The cycling tour - unaccompanied - takes place on a high mountain route and is demanding but at the same time suitable for all gravel lovers with good training. The track measures 46 km (round trip to Sestriere) with 1.190 meters D+

For those who want to measure themselves on a more demanding track, it is possible to continue from the Assietta head down to Balboutet from Pian dell'Alpe, to take the SS23 state road that leads back to Colle del Sestriere. With this variant the route becomes 58 km with 1.750 meters D+


Upon returning to Sestriere, there will be a refreshment.

It should be remembered that on the roads there is a strict compliance with and compliance with the rules of the road code.


Riders meeting, delivery of participation kit and last registration at the Specialized stand in Fraiteve plaza from 11.00 to 13.00

Departure from Fraiteve plaza in Sestriere at 13.30
Return to Sestriere estimated at 18.00

The non-competitive excursion is open for everyone, from 18 to 65 years old, and to participate it is necessary to show a medical examination for sports. On the excursion track Sestriere-Testa dell'Assietta-Sestriere some means of the organization will be present for the sole purpose of ensuring assistance to those in need.


Registrations for the GRAVEL EXPERIENCE are open from Saturday 1 December 2020, and are possible online with a credit card online at website until 15 July 2020.

Participation fee 25 €. For those enrolled in the GRANFONDO SESTRIERE COLLE DELLE FINESTRE the participation fee is 20 €

For any registration problems you can contact MySDAM at the mailbox:

For foreign and not licensed athletes, a competitive medical certificate is required for activities to issue Italian Cycling Federation daily license. 
Foreign athletes can use the Helat Certificate [download from here] form signed and stamped by the physician.

The participation fee includes historical commentary and refreshment in Sestriere, and is not refundable in any case, including failure to perform the event for any reason.