The Gran Fondo Sestriere Colle delle Finestre is divided into two routes along the roads of the municipalities of the upper Valle di Susa and Chisone with departure and arrival in Sestriere (To):

• Gran Fondo of 121.5 km D+ 3,400 meters
• Medio Fondo of 96.8 km D+ 2.600 meters

Both routes foresee the ascent to the legendary Colle delle Finestre.

Departure from Sestriere Borgata to reach the Sestriere city center, than Cesana following the direction to Oulx, then Salbertrand, Exilles, Chiomonte, Gravere and Susa. From here begins the climb to Colle delle Finestre through Meana di Susa. From the Colle delle Finestre we descend to Usseaux and then Pourrieres, then climb to Pragelato and Sestriere, arrival of the Medio Fondo. The Gran Fondo continues descending to Sauze di Cesana and then back to climb to the arrival in Sestriere through Cesana.

The competitor can freely choose the most suitable race route to his possibilities during the event, always respecting the control checkpoints on the routes, otherwise will be excluded from the final classification.

The Gran Fondo Sestriere Colle delle Finestre is an agonistic and competitive character event, therefore it is mandatory to respect traffic laws. Competitors overcome by the "Fine Gara Ciclistica" (End of Race) car are required to comply with traffic laws. The organization does not guarantee the race marshals assistance on the road beyond the maximum time granted by the local authorities.

The GPM is set at Colle delle Finestre

Refreshment points: Meana di Susa, Colle delle Finestre, Sestriere (GPM), Sestriere final refreshment point


Participants who will transit to Sestriere after 1:00 pm will be diverted on arrival, regardless of the chosen ruote.

The maximum race time is 7:00 hours and the closing of the finish line is expected within 3:00 pm.

Medical Assistance: ambulances, motorbikes, doctors and qualified paramedical staff

Mechanical assistance: cars and motorbikes and assistance points along the race routes

Private Assistance: any private assistance following the competition is forbidden, under penalty of athlete(s) disqualification. However, it is allowed to refuel at the points provided by the organization (see refreshment points).

Radio assistance: along the route and upon arrival.