The Granfondo Sestriere Colle delle Finestre rewards the first 1.500 participants with the jersey celebrating the event, different from year to year but always with a high quality product signed ENERGIA PURA the Italian's high quality brand.


Our philosophy in the production of recycled and recyclable polyester clothing

You are wearing a jersey made with a technology that uses 100% recycled fibers with sustainable dyeing and finishing processes without compromising high performance.

Fully sustainable breathable fabric, high breathability with quick drying, easy to maintain. Lightweight and breathable stretch fabric suitable for sublimation printing. Soft hand and good breathability properties.

Polyester that cares for the environment

“Sustainable Development” is the ability to live within the limits of a single planet.

Everything comes from awareness

Working with polyester has led the company to take a responsible approach towards the ecosystem by truly working to contribute to the sustainable development of the entire sector.

We create, respecting the environment

And it is precisely for this reason that the pursuit of product quality has extended to the quality of the manufacturing process. ENERGIAPURA, in fact, concentrates its efforts producing fabrics in recycled polyester, GRS certified, recovering and transforming the material that was once in the form of a bottle, the famous PET obtained from separate waste collection.

Our mission

In this way, while maintaining the quality of the product intact, the company acts with an ecological awareness, allowing its customers to offer products with added value.