The event is open to all athletes having licence of F.C.I. (Italian Cycling Federation) or sports promotion organization, both together having medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling, and also foreign cyclists having valid licence of U.C.I.

The event is by invitation and the Organizing Committee may at any time and at its sole discretion decide whether to accept or refuse the registration or exclude a member from the event in case it may damage the image of the same.

According to the new Federal legislation, all participants must hold a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports; therefore, the participation of cycling amateurs for is not permitted.

For minors (16 to 18 years) will be required specific release signed by the parent.

Participation is subject to regular possession of the following requirement:
for athletes registered with the FCI (Italian Cycling Federation) or with the Italian sports promotion organization: presentation of the license card and the medical certificate for competitive cycling (certificates are not valid for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics light, etc.) or the use of Data Health (;
for subjects of Italian residence but not registered with the FCI or sports promotion organization: subscribe daily race license with presentation of medical certificate to practice sporting activities of particular and high cardiovascular commitment (as per Ministerial Decree of 24.04.2013);
for subjects of foreign residence: subscribe daily race license with presentation of medical certificate of eligibility to participate in competitive cycling races also issued by a doctor in their country of residence as per the Health Certificate model signed and stamped by the doctor

Daily Race Licence: not licenced athletes can participate in the event by activating the daily licence of F.C.I. (Italian Cycling Federation) at a cost of € 10.00 for insurance coverage of "third party liability" during the event. For the release of the daily license it is necessary to present the medical certificate for cycling regardless of the chosen route.

FITRI licence: the FITRI and any other triathlon licence is not recognized for road cycling and is therefore not valid for registration

Participation of former professional athletes (with/without contract): participation for former professional athletes (with/without contract) is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Professional athletes with contract: 4 years after the last year of race
  • U23 athletes: 2 years following the last registration in the category
  • U23 athletes who have only one year of membership in the category: 1 year following the last registration in the category
  • Professional athletes without contract: 2 years after the last year of race
  • Elite Women: 2 years following the last registration in the category

The participation of professional athletes (with / without contract), Elite and Under23 is allowed exclusively for promotional purposes and upon invitation by the Organizing Committee and cannot participate in any way in the ranking.

Ethical Requirement: with the signing and submission of the registration form, the competitor, together with the representative of his team, self-certifies the inexistence of sports, civil and / or penal sanctions or investigations in progress against him for facts related to doping and declares that he has not hired - and not to hire - substances included in the anti-doping list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) (

The false self-certification will be prosecuted according to the law.

Positivity to doping: In the case of positive anti-doping tests carried out at the Gran Fondo Sestriere Colle delle Finestre, or positive ascertain within 6 (six) months after the event, the competitor is required to pay the Organizing Committee, by way of compensation for the serious damage caused to the image of the event, the sum of € 50,000.00 (fifty thousand euros / 00). The amount will be donated for youth cycling improvement.

Technological fraud: the race jury, as foreseen in the UCI and FCI regulations, paragraph 1.3.010 and 12.1.013 bis technological fraud, with the technical support of the organization is authorized to carry out random or systematic checks aimed at identifying tools to assist the athletes' pedalling. Non-compliance or refusal to submit to the requested technical verification will result in immediate disqualification and reporting to the competent bodies. Furthermore, referring to the UCI and FCI regulations it should be noted that the use of any transceiver equipment is strictly prohibited.

CATEGORIES The following categories are allowed:

• Elite Sport
• Master 1
• Master 2
• Master 3
• Master 4
• Master 5
• Master 6
• Master 7
• Master 8
• Elite Women Sport   
• Master Women 1
• Master Women 2
19/29 years old
30/34 years old
35/39 years old
40/44 years old
45/49 years old
50/54 years old
55/59 yeras old
60/64 yetas old
65 years old and over
19/29 years old
30/39 years old
40 years old and over